Download your task list.

Marketing Takes Time IllustrationMarketing takes time… spend it wisely.

Find out what you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly to stay in front of your audience. Print this task list. Laminate it. Sleep with it under your pillow. You've got this.


Keep yourself and your team on track.

Digital marketing is more like cooking a souffle than leaving your crockpot going all day. You have to keep an eye on it, watch it grow, and act quickly if things start to deflate. It's not as scary as it sounds if you know what to do and when to do it.

Daily Tasks

From posting to listening,
these are tasks you need to do
every day to stay on top of the game.

Weekly Tasks

Grab a fresh cup of coffee
and sit down with your weekly tasks, like blogging and monitoring your efforts.

Monthly Tasks

Don't lose sight of the big picture.
Monthly tasks keep your organized,
motivated and optimized.